Innovation Catalyst.

I work with leadership teams to design and deploy interventions that catalyse rapid idea generation, solution-focused problem solving and collaborative innovation. I challenge entrenched thinking and the innovation immune systems that kill new ideas like a virus.

Establishing purpose as the organisational North Star leads naturally to reflection on current practices, identifying what is working and then amplifying that, while considering new innovations to advance on purpose. The challenge is often then the same, commercial or social enterprise, ongoing success depends on the creation of 3 values; social, user, and sustainability. These are the organisational chakras that, when well aligned, bring joy.

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For conferences, summits and keynotes I am represented internationally by The London Speaker Bureau.


Private Client Work

I work with the principals and senior leadership teams of businesses and organisations large or small to help them think in new ways to deliver innovative new products or services. I work across sectors but most recently in the education, technology and entertainment sectors. Recent clients include pi-top, The LEGO Group, New York Academy of Sciences, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Prudential Plc, TES Global, Code Club, LoopLabs and Porticus.

Graham presented at our recent Global Learning & Development summit, attended by international L&D professionals. His interactive and humorous keynote speech motivated the group to work collaboratively and ‘wake up their brains’ which set us up for a great two days of sharing and learning from each other.
— Jennifer Campbell, Global Learning & Development, KPMG
The opening keynote delivered by Graham Brown-Martin at the, Microsoft and Volvo backed, 2nd Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship conference in Zagreb was truly inspiring.
— Zeljko Krizmanic, Curator and Event Director


Learning Experience Design

As part of my design activities as Education Design Labs I bring together teams of experts, designers and creatives to make compelling new learning experiences using the latest technologies. During the last year I've created an agile learning experience for the senior leadership of a FTSE 100 financial services company, designed a science programme for primary school children using the Internet of Things and an experiential learning experience for children to learn about working with autonomous humanoid robots.


Coaching & Mentoring

I work with 3 great start-up companies where I provide innovation counselling and business mentoring. I'm their "critical" friend who they can bounce ideas off.

During my career I've built and sold a number of fast growth technology, entertainment and publishing businesses. Each one was like my baby, that I loved and nurtured until it was time for them to leave home. If I'm honest I'm really good at the start-up, I love the uncertainty, the highs and the lows, the late nights and the early mornings. Ok, I was lying about the early mornings. I have a lot of scars in my back from being a pioneer but I also learned a huge amount that you just won't get from studying an MBA. I've made huge mistakes, sometimes trusted the wrong people, lost money and got it back again. Starting a business can be a lot like riding a rollercoaster, at times it is terrifying and at others it is great fun providing that you don't burn out along the way. It's fair to say that I was never ruthless enough to become a billionaire but I know where some of the man traps lie and I enjoy nurturing success in others.

I also sit on the International Advisory Board for the renowned EMLYON Business School based in Lyon, France.



The 650 delegates to Learning Without Frontiers found themselves in an event that felt like a mashup of a music festival, a political convention, and freshman orientation at a college campus on a slightly more advanced planet.
— The New York Times

Because curation is king.

It used to be said that “content is king” but in the age of abundant content and ideas it is everywhere, it is overwhelming, and it's gone from quality to noise.

This is a good thing. It's freedom. It's public discourse. It's new communities that were previously silenced by their inability to access broadcast distribution outlets now getting to have their chance in the spotlight.

But great content, whether it’s digital, print, a conversation or a talk, isn’t enough. You need great content that’s on-message and incites action. And you need to deliver it in a way that engages, stimulates and provokes your audience to think.

Curation is a form of storytelling that places content within context. And this is what I do.

From establishing legendary free parties during the 1990's to some of this centuries most challenging global summits about the future of learning, I have designed, curated and produced events that bring together some of the worlds leading thinkers, artists, designers, technologists, futurists and policy makers to discuss the most pressing issues facing society.

From leadership workshops to 'must attend', arena filling, summits I work on contract with forward thinking organisations interested in challenging the status quo and awakening their audiences.

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