The 650 delegates to Learning Without Frontiers found themselves in an event that felt like a mashup of a music festival, a political convention, and freshman orientation at a college campus on a slightly more advanced planet.
— The New York Times

Because curation is king.

It used to be said that “content is king” but in the age of abundant content and ideas it is everywhere, it is overwhelming, and it's gone from quality to noise.

This is a good thing. It's freedom. It's public discourse. It's new communities that were previously silenced by their inability to access broadcast distribution outlets now getting to have their chance in the spotlight.

But great content, whether it’s digital, print, a conversation or a talk, isn’t enough. You need great content that’s on-message and incites action. And you need to deliver it in a way that engages, stimulates and provokes your audience to think.

Curation is a form of storytelling that places content within context. And this is what I do.

From establishing legendary free parties during the 1990's to some of this centuries most challenging global summits about the future of learning, I have designed, curated and produced events that bring together some of the worlds leading thinkers, artists, designers, technologists, futurists and policy makers to discuss the most pressing issues facing society.

From leadership workshops to 'must attend', arena filling, summits I work on contract with forward thinking organisations interested in challenging the status quo and awakening their audiences.

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